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Our Mission:

Human Exploratorium is a research organization committed to exploring the transformational effects of immersive media technologies on the human mind and body via interactive events, immersive media installations, and public engagement experiments. Our goal is to measure and surface meaningful physiological and cultural data and join the dots to move humans toward a better understanding of ourselves, our culture, and our planet for the equitable betterment of all.

Who We Are:

A technology and culture strategy company with a focus on facilitating deep engagement with new ideas and technologies.  We work closely with musicians, neuroscientists, artists, music producers, physiologists, programmers, psychologists who are committed to unlocking the power of experiential immersive media for the betterment of humanity in order to amplify today’s most important work.

What We Do:

We design immersive public engagement experiments through collaboration with organizations, artists and institutions around the world to create transformational multi-sensory experiences and tools.  Our custom interactive productions inspire deep reflective states including mindfulness, creativity, contemplation, flow, gratitude, and connection. We measure and share back outcomes from our ‘deep experience’ designs across the aural, visual, and tactile domains to help humanity connect and make meaningful decisions as we continue exploring, learning, and evolving together.

Human Exploratorium meets Be Time Practice uptown in NYC

Human Exploratorium visited NYC to collaborate on a pop-up multi-sensory music meditation experience at Madison Square Park with Be Time Practice on their architecturally designed mobile meditation tour bus. Attendees were treated to a guided meditation journey using music designed to calm the body and mind and an awe-inspiring light show. The sounds the attendees heard were also literally felt in their bodies via the SubPac wearable tactile audio units, while the visuals were designed to evoke wonder and relaxation. The meditation was mixed live by music producer, technologist, and meditation teacher Darin McFadyen.

Human Exploratorium at USA SyFy Innovation Day

Human Exploratorium was honored to join an extremely talented group of creatives at the USA/SyFy channel headquarters at the Rockefeller Center in New York to show a new multi-sensory biofeedback experience with the ‘Future of Story Telling’ team. The experience was a culmination of many months of collaboration with physiology hardware designer and artist Alan Macy, a team of artists and coders from the computational Arts department at York University lead by Mark-David Hosales, and California based artist and coder Alex Stahl. The experience is an example of what we call ‘bio-intelligent media’ – music and art-based experiences that are aware of the participants’ emotional states as they experience them via physiology hardware built into the system. The data from the participants’ physiological markers such as heart rate and breathing rate are then analyzed, interpreted, and fed back into the installation in realtime to give attendees unique insights into themselves and the group response to the calming music program custom-built to relax the body and brain. The physiology data typically shows a slowing down and entraining of the heart rates and breathing rates of the participants, and a synchronizing of hearts and breath over the 15-minute experience. This entrainment phenomenon which normally happens internally and individually at music events and between people who are emotionally connected is then visualized on the screen between the circled participants in real-time for the whole group to see, both individually and collectively. (See video above.)

The Human Exploratorium Team

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Darin McFadyen

As former VP of Marketing and Head of Health & Wellness at tech company SUBPAC, Human Exploratorium founder and Director of Product Darin McFadyen has a deep grounding in culture, the Arts, and technology having successfully led the integration of cutting-edge technology into research-driven projects driving broader cultural relevance and deeper public engagement.  Projects include working with Peugeot on their concept car Le Fractal to integrate tactile audio into cars for the first time ever, Directing the program to bring the feeling of music to the deaf and hard of hearing community, and integrating tactile audio into VR/AR/XR projects for Lionsgate and Universal Pictures for their VR trailers. He has also enjoyed a long career as an influential Electronic music producer FreQ Nasty and has practiced studied and taught extensively in the mindfulness and meditation world in multiple traditions.

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Rylan Peery

As co-founder of the world’s first transnational technology cooperative, CoLab Coooperative, Rylan Peery has over a decade of experience developing web and interactive technology strategies for mission-driven organizations and leading educational institutions.  Projects include work with Virginia Tech, Cornell University, the Corning Museum of Glass, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) among others. At the Human Exploratorium Rylan serves as Director of Interactive Technology Strategy.

Gary Heit, Ph.D. M.D.

Gary graduated from UCSC and went on to receive his Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA and his M.D. from Stanford. Now a distinguished neurosurgeon Gary served as a member of the neurosurgery faculty at Stanford University as director of functional neurosurgery and founded the Functional Neurosurgery Program which specializes in Deep Brain Stimulation as a treatment for chronic pain and movement disorders. He is an adept device designer with a deep knowledge of the underlying theoretical neuroscience mechanism of action, a strong working knowledge of material science, clinical ergonomics and implementation, as well as extensive experience market definition, FDA regulatory process, clinical trial design, market and clinical risk abatement, and overseas market development. Gary is a co-founder of Americare Neurosurgery International, a nonprofit that supports modern neurosurgery in developing countries. Gary sat on the Stanford Bioethics Committee for 8 years, the Kaiser Bioethics Committee, and contributed to the Oxford Handbook of Neuroethics. At Human Exploratorium Gary serves as Director of Research. 

Adrian White

An industry veteran digital animator, compositor, and video director Adrian White has worked on many of the biggest Hollywood films including Avengers, Batman vs Superman, Alien series, Martin Scorcese’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, and for directors of the caliber of Spike Jonze, Stephen Spielberg, and George Lucas. He has also directed his own short films, the subject matter running from homelessness in San Francisco to the post-punk music scene in the early 80s in Melbourne Australia. Adrian is an avid painter and runs his own boutique record company in his spare time. At Human Exploratorium he serves as Creative Director.

LA Times Festival of Books – ‘Newstory Playground’

It was an honor to participate at the LA Times Festival of Books held at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. We demonstrated our bespoke music composed to be heard by the ears and felt in the body at an immersive music installation in the ‘Newstory Playground’, the exhibition space for new storytelling technologies. Human Exploratorium founder Darin McFadyen also gave a keynote speech on ‘Music & Emotion: Sonic storytelling using Tactile Audio’ at the Annenberg Auditorium. As emergent media technologies develop to engage the senses in novel ways storytellers have an opportunity to share our narratives using new and compelling techniques. As a music producer, Tactile Audio expert, and creative futurist Darin explained why feeling music and sound is important, how Tactile Audio technology works, and its applications for the 21st Century storyteller.

Neuroscience Shows Listening To Music Has Kind Of The Same Effect As Meditation

A new article written by Human Exploratorium’s Darin McFadyen for on the parallels in state shift between ‘peak music’ and ‘peak meditation’ experiences. We explored this idea more fully at USA SyFy channel Innovation day via a music-based multi-sensory biofeedback installation in NYC in June. Darin will be leading a 3-day retreat at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur starting March 29 2019 expanding on the philosophy and experience of transformative music and audio protocols using the latest in music technology alongside rare and ancient acoustic instruments. CLICK HERE TO READ IT.

Human Exploratorium + the Flow Genome Project

Immersive Music in the Flow Dojo: We joined best selling authors Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler for a weekend in the mountains of Colorado with Jamie’s Flow Genome Project to explore Flow and specifically how music can aid in bringing humans into optimal flow states in in daily life. Jamie led an mind and body bending series of workshops based on his latest findings on how to build flow into everyday life as a practice. We were honored to provide both music creation and curation which featured heavily in the culmination evening practices. Watch this space for further collabs with Jamie and the Flow Genome Project.

Human Exploratorium + Ford: House of the Future

We had the privilege of providing a multi-sensory music-based relaxation meditation experience for Ford’s House of the Future exhibition house in Austin Texas alongside the Vox Media team. Creating and curating music that is not only heard but felt via tactile audio units, we were able to bring the invited attendees into states of deep relaxation allowing them to realign, refocus and reset for the evenings activities ahead.

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